1400 W. 66th Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19126
(215) 424-6143

Vocation Director: Mother Barbara of the Holy Ghost, O.C.D. Prioress
The Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Philadelphia
Our community seeks to conform to the high ideals of the Church's teachings and the
doctrine of our Holy Mother, St. Teresa of Jesus and that of St. John of the Cross. Our
tradition continues to offer age-old, well proven monastic structures for a life dedicated to
unceasing prayer and penance. In the early nineteen seventies Philadelphia Carmel,
together with three other Carmels, founded the Association of St. Joseph. The Association
now unites eleven North American Carmels in their effort to live in loving obedience to
the Magisterium of the Church. By fostering fidelity to the Rule, the Constitutions, the
documents concerning contemplative communities and the enclosure, issued by the Holy
See, clear witness is given that prayer is our apostolate.

The writings of the Carmelite Saints give clear and ample direction for our nun's spiritual
formation and growth. In our small communities emphasis is placed on the practice of
detachment, humility, and fraternal charity. The nuns have a simple life-style with a
regular daily structure which balances prayer, work, silence, solitude, and Community
recreation. The Eucharist is the source and summit of the life and from it flow the daily
recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours in common. Zeal for the salvation of souls and the
sanctification of priests motivates the nuns in their personal endeavor to attain holiness of
We joyfully invite you to climb the Holy Mount of Prayer

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"Let your desire be the vision of God, your fear, the loss of Him, your sorrow His absence,
your joy, in that which may take you to Him, and your life shall be in great peace."

                                    -Saint Teresa of Jesus
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The relics of Saint Therese of the Child
Jesus (Therese Martin) and her parents
Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin at the
Carmelite Monastery.
Photograph courtesy of Maureen O'Riordan